Guys, if you had to makeover a girl what would you do to make her pretty?

If you had to give a girl who is about a 4 out of 10 a makeover what would you do to make her pretty?

The girl you are making over is pretty thin yet surprisingly wide in the hip area, medium sized boobs, curly dark brown hair, acne skin, huge eyes, heart shaped face, a bulbous nose, fat cheeks despite being skinny, wears jeans, t-shirt/hoodie, and nike shox daily.

This makeover can be extreme or as minimal as you see fit, as long as the end product is a girl that is attractive enough for you to consider dating.


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  • Wide hips are good. Medium-sized boobs are good. Hair should be however she wants it, long as it's clean. Acne is a skin condition, albeit a common one. If it's bad, a dermatologist might be in order. Face sounds cute, the clothes are fine so long as they're clean.

    I'm sorry, why is this girl considered to be a 4/10 again?

    • Not even the nose or the cheeks?

      You don't think wear jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers all the time is ugly for a girl?

      She's definitely a 4/10. Trust me, I see her everyday. I know it's hard to imagine without a picture but your mind is probably making her more attractive than she really is. Just try to imagine those things with the number 4 in mind.

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    • I don't think you get out much either if you think night clubs, bars, and restaurants are the only fun places to go. Besides, I said if she wears jeans and t-shirt MOST of the time not ALL the time. Obviously she wouldn't go to a wedding or something in jeans and t-shirt unless she's an idiot -__-

    • Just examples. I'm not going to sit here and come up with a list of every possible entertaining venue a person can visit. Feel free to do that on your own, if you like.

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  • Well I have to take my hat off to you for your honesty, I've never heard a girl be so candid about her looks. Do all girls think like this I wonder?
    Generally I advise no makeup, but if you're bent on putting some on, do it minimally or risk looking desperate. The best trick is eyeliner, it works like a charm, seriously. Don't overdo it though, look at pictures for ideas. The other thing that works is a very subtle bit of blush on the cheeks, but very subtle mind you.
    As mentioned, wide hips is a big plus. Try to play that up with your clothes, rather than makeup. What do I mean? Lookup style advice for girls with wide hips. You want to show them off. Surprisingly, mom jeans actually work great, because they show off the hip shape. Also, tights are sexy. Maybe a bit revealing, but you're trying to compensate and get a guy interested. Maybe skinny jeans instead? I don't know what shox look like, but generally sports sneakers aren't sexy. Try converse style, like relaxed looking. I would use bright colors on my top if I had a big nose and cheeks, it's a matter of composition, just like a painting. And definitely draw attention to your hips. Try tucking your shirt in, and wearing a bright or studded/beaded belt. Make them look at that area. Also, hoodie isn't showing off your assets at all, if you must wear an outer layer for warmth, try to get one that is somewhat fitted. I'm not saying you want to look like you were squeezed into it, but it shouldn't hide your form either.
    Consider wearing a tank top or sleevless top, with open arm holes and a bra which is black, so it shows when you lift your arms a little bit. Very sexy and distracting, few guys can resist that for long.

  • well in my preference I would keep her the way she is inner beauty is much better than outer..its only important between me and you f*** what the world says..makeups nice if you feel like you need it or just want it I know how women are..but you would be just fine with lotion on your face for that shiny after

    • No I mean a makeover not makeup. A makeover doesn't have to include makeup. It can be as extreme as getting plastic surgery or as minimal as getting a haircut.

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    • Lol what makes you think I don't like myself. When did I even say I was referring to myself in the question?

    • i mean in general any offense really

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