Same old, same old. I'm looking for something new.

My boyfriend and I talk just about every day. These conversations range from an hour long to almost 6 (they're usually betwen 3.5 and 5). Don't get me wrong. I love talking to him, but we talk about the same things all the time. Our chats are so predictable.

It's getting extremely dull, and I'm sure he feels the same way.

The thing is, I have no idea what else to talk about. Do you have topic/question ideas that we could discuss.

Thanks for reading this.


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  • I think you're talking on the phone too long. It you talk less, the next time you talk, you'll have more to talk about. I'm guessing you're spending too much time talking to him. There's only so much you can talk about!

    • Lol

      You're right, but I really don't have much else to do...

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