If you want to impress guys who are worthwhile, how do you dress?

-A lot of skin or more covered?

Bright colors or dark colors?

-The latest fashion or more classic.?



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  • Somewhere in between, you need to get his attention, but not TOO much atttention from every other guy around. Something like a basic miniskirt,not too tight...

    I'd go for subdued colors, a miniskirt gets enough attention, don't be flashy.

    Don't be too avant-garde with jewelry or makeup, if in doubt, less is better. A lot of guys will run away from a woman with too much obvious make up and too much attention getting colors and fashion. They'll think she's desperate for attention from..anyone.

    Go with the heels, though, with the miniskirt, just to make sure he notices you and your legs!


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  • Definitely more covered.

    Depends on what suits the girl.

    Doesn't matter, as long as it looks good.


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