What is the best gel/pomade/wax for styling short (1.5-2inches) mohawk without shine?

My hair isn't near that length yet, but I am going to be cutting my hair into a Mohawk and growing it out until that length. I want to put it up, but in the past the pomades I have tried don't give me enough hold, and I don't want to use gel because it makes my hair shiny. I want a product that it like the Axe pomades (no shine. dull or "matte"), but has a strong hold. I have thick, medium curly hair. Also, at the first maybe 1-2 centimeters of my hair (starts at hairline) my hair starts to grow to the side. another reason I need strong stuff to keep it form doing that.


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  • If you want no shine, try kms hairplay molding paste.

  • Aquage has really good hold.


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