Do small differences in age, height, etc bug you?

Maybe your boyfriend is one inch or half an inch shorter. Maybe your girlfriend is slightly taller.

Or maybe your boyfriend is one year younger. Or your girlfriend is one year older.

Maybe your bfs hands are slightly smaller or your girlfriend just has large hands.

These are all cultural expectations but do they actually bug people?


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  • They would bug me.

    I don't think I'd ever date a guy shorter than me.

    I also have a thing with age, but if I REALLY liked someone, I may date a younger guy.

    I have really small hands, so for his to be smaller would be extremely weird... plus the whole "manly" aspect turns me on- small hands isn't really manly. haha.

    So yeah, things like that bug me!

    • Typical.

    • For an opinion based website, I give my opinion. If you find it "typical", oh well.

      I'm actually one of the few girls who will choose personality over looks, but that still doesn't mean certain things won't stand out to me.

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