Would you be intimidated to go talk to a gorgeous girl? How would you feel about this?

If you saw a girl who was absolutely gorgeous, confident, funny, the whole package, would you be intimidated to go talk to her? Would you feel like she was out of your league? My friend is JUST like this but no guys ever talk to her. Trying to get to the bottom of it.


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  • Many, many men would absolutely be intimidated by her, yes. And even ones who had the guts to come up and talk to her would probably still have that "out of my league" thought in the back of their minds, and would end up putting her on a pedestal that she could never really live up to.

    The reality is that everyone is really just another human. They might be truly wonderful, but they'll all have their flaws, even if they aren't readily visible.

    Most people need a good 40-50 years to realize that people are people, and some folks never do. As someone who, for example, has worked with/around and met many celebrities, I long ago got over the idea that they were in some elevated class of human being. They're just people with strange jobs.

    Beautiful women, similarly, are just people. True, some may be bitchy or condescending, but many are wonderful people. It's too bad that many men can't see past the beauty and at least get to know them, but having been a "nice guy" at one point myself, I also get why men get nervous or why they are so desperate to please such women. It doesn't make it healthy, though.

    My advice to your friend is to tell her to be just a BIT more agressive in approaching men (in a friendly way) and helping break the ice. Once that's out of the way, she should be fine.


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  • Confident men don't believe that there are leagues. Unfortunately for many women, there aren't that many confident men. Furthermore, your friend may have flaws that you are unable to thoroughly assess because you are her friend. Where exactly does she go where men don't talk to her? Bars? Sporting events? Church? Work? Volunteer groups? Is her body language always open and is she smiling? How old is she and who does she congregate with?

    • Of course se has flaws, I'm just saying she has way more personality, and is prettier than a lot of girls. She's usually pretty outgoing, and yeah her body language isn't scaring people off...how would you suggest her approaching guys? I think she feels weird walking up to someone sea never met before and starting a conversation.

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    • Yeah ha ha I've been trying to fix that...I didn't think it would be on why profile and since I'm not 18 yet I didn't know if the website would let me in so I clicked 30-35. Lmao.

  • It is intimidating. I know I sound like a pansy but I'd avoid her like the plague until SHE broke the ice.

    • how would you suggest doing that? I'm tryingto give her advice-she has approached guys outright, smiled, became friends with them etc and nothing ever seems to happen.

    • All it would take for me would be for her to get past the platitudes with me.

    • So...what shoul she say?

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