Will tanning fade stretch marks?

I have horrendous and very noticeable stretch marks on my inner thighs all the way down to my knees. They're still a little red so will tanning and firming up my legs help make them less visible? They are so nasty


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  • please don't try to tan! when your skin changes color (tanning) it is due to damaging your skin with UV rays. freckles from the sun are also a visible sign of sun damage. if you have been to a tanning bed once in your life before the age of 20 you have increased your risk of getting melanoma by 75%! one time! melanoma is the most severe type of skin cancer and it is the most common form of cancer in women aged 25-30. every time you go outside, even if it is cloudy you need to wear at least spf 15 or higher. tanning won't cover up your stretch marks either, but a fake tan (spray on tan, tanning creams etc) most likely will and you're not damaging your skin or setting yourself up for melanoma. I'm sorry for the rant but I just believe in protecting yourself from this!


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  • stretch marks don't tan. are the marks red or white at this stage?

    • They're halfway between red and white. I've had them for a year and Half

    • start using mederma and shea butter. they'll fade to white eventually and then the more pasty you are the better.

  • No. Stretch marks won't be less visible even when you tan. Toning your body with exercise will be much more effective, but they won't disappear.


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