Would you call a girl, who you think of as just a friend, 'beautiful'?

I was just wondering about that.

I was on my way home from the practice, and my friend was driving me and 3 other people home.

I called shotgun and one of the guys said "what no you're small go in the back!" so I did, then when we all got in he (who is about as small as me) got in shotgun and everyone was like "are you kidding you're like the smallest person here!" and he said "well I thought she was actually going to take shotgun"

So I said "see?! that's what I get for being nice and taking the backseat, this is why I am mean" jokingly.

Then the guy who was driving us all home said "it's because you're beautiful! that actually has nothing to do with that ha ha I just wanted to say it".

So, would you call any of your girl friends (not girlfriend*) beautiful?
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  • Frequently. Especially when I'm drunk.


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  • hm... It would depend on the tone, by the looks of it, he just said it in the spur of the moment in front of everyone so I doubt he meant anything cereal.

  • Only if she was in desperate need of a compliment or some reassurance. And ofcourse, if I think it's true.

  • The only girls I think of as just friends would be the ones I think the same way as I do my sister. I would never call my sister beautiful because I don't live in the backwoods. The answer is no.

  • I reserve it for "the one". He may just have been joking around


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