I need help to dress up for a punk theme party. HELP!

I have to go for a party and the dress code is punk.

The options I have are:

1) a white jacket with skulls in black all over. What should I combine this with?

if a skirt then what type and stockings? And shoes?

if not a skirt then what?

2) I have a black jacket with like a patch on the back of skulls and stuff. Should I wear this? if yes, then with what?

Please help me with which one to choose and what to combine it with. I want to look the best over there! :-)

i am tall and slim. I guess this information will help.

Thanks a ton!


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  • do the black jacket.

    and if you can find a tutu in black or some neon color, that's great

    if not, wear a DARK (that's important!) distressed miniskirt or even like mid-thigh denim shorts. pin safety pins on the denim.

    fishnets, preferably torn in a few places are great, whether you do shorts or pants.

    PRIME shoes would be doc martens or other combat boots.

    converse are also good. if you opt for converse, it might be cool to wear like black torn legwarmers or something over the fishnets.

    when you do your makeup, do your eyes very dark with liquid liner and black and silver shadows, no blush, and put concealer on your lips to blot out the color.

    good luck!

    • Thanks a ton for the advice.

      I have a question, like the white jacket looks more punkish or gothic than the black one, beacuse the black one is completely plain, and the patch on the back woud be hidden by my hair. The white one has skulls all over in black colour. Do you still think I should stick to the black one?

      And one more thing, I don't have converse, doc martens or combat boots. will black ballerinas do? I have one which is in black leather and the other has grey and black checks?

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    • Sounds like a punk princess to me : )

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  • punk was the pre-style to grunge, so basically anything ripped, or dirty looking, skirts were and obviously still are in, specifically plaid ones back then, if you really want an idea of what a punk looks like just look up punk dress style on google or something

  • dont go to a punk party

    go to a different one

    • Well I have posted this here beacuse I do want to go. Why would I post it when I would have an option and I would b interested in going there?

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  • I'd go for the black jacket definitely if it were punk.

    White is simply too bright.

    Make your clothes look distressed is probably the key thing, rips, tarnish .. whatever.

    Layers are also a good punk look. Try maybe some ripped denim shorts over some fishnets, with some over the knee socks on top of the fishnets.

    Mini-skirts were also very punk - remember dark colours though.

    Baggier shirts tend to look good - like a vest top a couple of sizes too big which hangs a little is very punk - if you feel too exposed simply wear another fitted one under it. Or the complete opposite with a very tight fitted top.

    Print was in - anything can go - leopard print, zebra print, tartan, stripes...

    You can never really over accessorise with the punk look. Studded belts, heavy chains, wrist bands ...

    Shoes tended to be heavy - probably a pair of docs - or anything which looks good for standing on peoples' heads.

    There were so many different types of make-up for punks, so you can't really go wrong - heavy on the eye make-up was the key thing which went through all the styles. As for hair - I'm not sure how far you want to go ... but just a generally distressed look would probably work (nothing silky straight).

  • You should wear the black jacket with a pink skirt (if you got one) and some leggins underneath it, or some striped socks. Most punks wear all stars.

    Wear like a headband or something, better if it's black :D

  • ha ha! a punk party.. how absurd.

    anyway.. if you want to be "punk"..

    dress "normal"

    punks don't conform.. so you would be the "punkest" person at that party.

    otherwise, if you dress "punk".. you're just conforming to the rest of the party members.. which in fact is the very thing punks oppose..

    although, I guess the very fact that it is a "punk party" means they want you to dress like a trendy f***.. hence, conforming..

    at the most I would write an anarchy symbol in sharpie on a shirt, and call it done..

    people will be impressed.

    good luck

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