Meeting his sister on an examination day, what to wear?

The three of us would be taking up a medical entrance examination and I don't know what to wear. It would be the first time I'll meet her, I'm quite frantic because she is also the best friend of my boyfriend's ex girlfriend. It's quite a pressure actually. I feel she don't like me. Please help. I'm of small figure and petite. Link if you're kind enough. Thanks :)


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  • Well since you're taking an exam you want to follow those guidelines for how you should dress. Its medical so do you have to wear anything for that? If you don't then I suggest jeans, boots, and a cute top. You don't want to overdo it, you're also there to take your examination. You want to dress casual but still clean and classy. Don't reveal too much skin either.

  • Nothing too revealing but enough so that you work it...go with what you feel comfortable and confident in and ofcourse even if she doesn't like you just smile and be nice regardless, plus you need to focus on your exam as does she I doubt shell be worried about what you are wearing/look like

    Soooo wear something that's simple, comfortable, and something that you are confident in and smileee :)


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