Ladies Only: when you are natural, does heat training mean putting a blow dryer to your hair alot?

Because I know a lot of women have a crush on this girls hair here, in which her name is Haircrush! You can go to her photo album Haircrush Fotki, in which I love that site lol! You can also visit her photo album as well! Now I know she blow dries alot, because I saw a lot of pics that she did! Some girl said that in one of her photos she saw her flat ironing her hair, but that I never did see, because I really don't care to look at the whole album! Its just my question is this, ain't heat training that someone uses heat very often such as; (blow dryers, flat irons, ect.,.)? But she says she doesn't blow dry, but yet I see blow dry photos all in her album! So someone please explain to me what heat training is! Because I thought heat training was about using heat very often!


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  • It can be over time your hair will be heat damged making it look heat trained..


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