TV show reference. Is it true that in real life guys might reconsider a girl if she changes the way she looks?

for example in Scrubs, JD and Elliot break up, they see each other every day at work and then a few months after the split, she comes into work with new makeup and an edgy new new hair style and JD starts wanting her all over again. Is that true, that if a girl shakes up her style that you might see her differently and regain attraction for her?


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  • She might become more physically attractive, but if I broke up with her because she had a bad attitude or because we weren't compatible in the first place, that wouldn't be reason enough to get back together. A relationship is more than a girl's haircut. :)

    • This. A new appearance might create a short burst of attraction, but nothing sustainable, because that comes from personality and compatiblity, not appearance. Note that it didn't work for Elliot and J.D. either...

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    • MrOracle is on the money.

    • Thanks for the BA.

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  • JD had a lot of issues anyway. If you're asking if I would get back with a girl I dumped if she changed her style, then my answer is no. I don't think I would date a girl if she were unattractive to me in the first place, so it wouldn't have been the reason I dumped her.

  • Depends. If I wasn't really that much into her in the start or if the issue of the breakup was still fresh in mind then hell no. Not even if she changed her whole body.

  • I think it's best if the change in outward appearance demonstrates some kind of inward shift. Mind you sometimes, it's all that needed to win a guy back because it gives him a chance to reconsider things.


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