Is 153 lbs heavy for a girl? (not another weight question?!!)

I am 5 ft 7 - I have been working out on and off for the last 4 months , but lately I started jogging nearly every day. I am a uk size 12 ( can't get jeans to go over my calf's but the waist is too lose) that would be a size 6 or another size in America. I have a bit of love handles - flat stomach.. so am I heavy? my bmi is also 24.1 and I'm 18.

it says my body fat is 31%
I don't think that's right... I measured my waist ( smallest part near my belly button) that's 31.

then my hips ( biggest part including my bum) that was 40inchs.6

then my height is 66 ( I'm not 100 per % I am 5 7 , I'm not below 5 6 anyway so.)

then my neck which is 13 inchs. that's it...
I am now 147lbs :)


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  • That doesn't sound heavy at all. 153 I would say is a decent weight for someone who is 5'7". I have the same issue with jeans. The waist band is too big, but everything else fits. The calf thing is annoying too. A lot of people tell me it's fat, but I know for a fact it's muscle. There isn't much you can do other than buy different pants, try on different styles and brands and find one that suits you best.


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  • Yes, unless you're over 1m 80 it's heavy. Good for you for jogging, but you'll need an overall workout to lose some of that weight, and, no more fish and chips for a while.

    • lol that's the thing I don't eat bad - expect chocolate every 3 days or so.. that's it. I eat fine... I'm half hoping its muscle .. I'm not overweight...but I'm worried its bad for my health.

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    • depends - its either one packet of oreos once every 4 days or a chocolate bar every 2 days.thats it.

    • Too much oreos and chips. EVen your desserts should be healthy if you want to be successful.

      DArk Farrie above is kidding you and herself. I know that's what you WANT to hear, but...

  • the only way to anwser this question is if we know your bodyfat% your bmi and how much you weigh mean nothing

    • Any suggestion how I can do that ? please

    • link

      get a tape measure and fill this out, it will give you the ball park

    • thanks a lot- ill do it later. :)

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  • Here's the thing. I wear a size 4-8 pants depending on the sizing of the company. I have a 36 in bust, 25 in waist, and a 37 in hip. I sound very healthy, no?

    I'm 165-170 lbs, depending on the day and water retention and whatnot. I'm tall, yes, but I also workout. 153 is in the normal range for your height. If you're happy as you are just do the same thing. And furthermore, BMI is a bunch of horse sh*t. It doesn't take into account your fat to bone to muscle ratios, how much water you have in you, or any other relevant data. So I think you're fine. But if you want to workout and tone up go right ahead. :]

  • I can't say for sure without your body percent fat. Muscle weighs more than fat.

  • they want to turn her on.

    • sorry I don't know what you mean?

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