Do other countries have a higher amount of gingers?

I live in America and I have a very unnatural love for gingers. Like an obsession, really. I have been thinking about getting into some international stuff for my degree or furthering my education in another country.

I know this sounds completely illogical, but if there is somewhere with more gingers than here, I want to go there. I don't see myself meeting anyone between now and when I graduate and living somewhere with a higher ginger population would probably increase my chances. :/

Tell me what you know. I know not all of you are Americans.


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  • I heard Scotland has one of the highest (if not the highest) amount of people with red hair in the world as a percent of their overall population at least...


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  • Go to Ireland.

    Gingers everywhere. Seriously, you can buy ginger hair pieces for fun it's a national joke. A fun joke. Look at a soccer game of ireland and look at what the crowd is wearing. Gingers everywhere.

  • Here in Scotland we have the highest percentage of gingers, do come visit ^.^

  • Lol at Ranga's...Ireland and Scotland have big percentages, also Australia has a few.


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  • Lol you may want to lay off the ginger word. A lot of redheads take offense. But Us redheads only make up 2% of the entire human population all over the world. We're going extinct. Majority of redheads are found in America and Ireland of course also Scotland, but its not as much as Ireland or America.

    • That rumor about extinction isn't true, by the way. And I wouldn't want to be around anyone who is going to get offended so easily anyway.

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    • I have never met any redheads in real life that get offended by it. They are all pretty OK about it and even call themselves gingers. You on the other hand seem to always be getting all butt hurt on all of the ginger questions.

    • Huh? Okay I guess I have a stalker on here lol. And are you sure they don't get offended? I'm sure they do. But I'll leave it up to you redhead fetish stalker/expert ;)

  • lol, why do people act like gingers are some other species, the only difference is that they have red hair.

    • I don't think they are another species, I am just really attracted to them. You know, like when someone is attracted to any distinguishing characteristic.

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