What can I do to protect my tattoos wile I'm in a tanning bed?

I have one on my side as you can see and it's black light ink then the rest are black and colored ink. SO what products can I use to protect them from fading in the tanning bed?


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  • maybe don't go to a tanning bed? My friend used to go and now she doesn't because her other friend told her how a relative got cancer because of using the tanning beds.

    • I would normally just tan by laying outside for a few min every day but I can't because I'm alergic to everything outide and over hear by just walking out the door. I use to be super tan because I have olive skin so I'm natrually tan but my algeries got so bad tha ti had to stay in more and I'm pale so since I hold the tan longer and don't take as long to tan in a tanning bed I'm not doing to much damage.

    • lol alrighty, but you say you have olive skin.

    • i do but I've been sick and having to stay in on bed rest and my skin is olive but it needs sunlight and since I can't stay outside for too long the tanning bed is healthier for me

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  • There's a lot of different brands who make tattoo sunscreen sticks just for tattoos. Your tattoo shop probably has some. If not then see if your tanning salon does (I doubt they will though). You may need to buy it online.

  • I'd say to not go.

    • well I can't tan natrually because I'm alergic to everything outside and over heat by just walking out the door. ANd I'm natrually tan so when I go to tan it only takes a few min and I'm tan for a long time so I'm not doing that much damage

    • If you're naturally tan, I don't see much point, but that's just me. I say try what Enchanted_x3 said, if you still will. Seems good. :)

    • i'm natrually tan but it's more like I have that glow and I want a deep tan but natrual not like jersey shore lol

  • I have this tattoo stick by the brand Australian Gold and it's SPF 60 for tattoos so they don't fade in the sun. So it would still work for tanning beds.


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