Best way to remove hair? Do you do it yourself or go to a salon?

Which method do you like to use? Do you do it yourself at home, or have it done professionally?

I normally shave my underarms, legs and shave my Brazilian area, but recently I've been suffering badly with razor bumps. Today I tried using some hair removal cream (Nair, I've tried Veet before with no success) and it worked better than I thought it would but it wasn't perfect.

If anyone could tell me what you do to be comfortable that would be great, feel free to ask anon. I'm just looking to be comfortable without that horrible itchy feeling.
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Maybe this is a silly question, but if you go to a salon, don't you feel embarrassed showing them your bits...?


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  • I shave, the hair removal creams don't work well for me. Just make sure you change your blade or get a new razor often, I switch mine after three uses simply because I have sensitive skin. I also use a loofa to scrub the dead skin off first then I put lotion on and then I shave, yes its a hassle and sounds ridiculous but it works, at least for me. The dead skin will because nicks and razor bumps, the lotion is so that the shaving cream doesn't dry out my skin and that solves the itchy problem. As for the brazilian area, use a GOOD razor with at least 4 blades and also shave with the direction of your hair, not against. You can also try the after shaving bikini gel.

    • This might sound silly but aren't you scared of nicking yourself with a razor in the nether region?!

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    • Also, one of my friends had thrown a Pure Romance party and they sell this lotion called "coochy" I bought a bottle to try and it worked GREAT for me, another thing to try.

    • Awww fantastic thank you, I'll give it a whirl!

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What Guys Said 2

  • You should definitely use some kind of shaving cream. Shaving cream helps smooth the skin and helps protect from razor bumps (that's why most men use it when shaving).

    Hair removal cream does not contain the same nutrients found in shaving cream, helping to maintain smoother skin and alleviate razor bumps.

    Razor bumps come from a razor blade's edges, penetrating the skin, and causing inflammation and swelling, your body's natural reaction to the abrasions.

    You're probably African-American, Hispanic or Asian, in which case this is normal and you would probably do better with some kind of medicated shaving cream.

    I hope this was helpful ...

    • I do use shaving cream. I don't have a problem on my legs, but my underarms suffer. When I was learning the art of...destroying the forest, I bought a Cleancut trimmer& shaver and used talc powder and moisturiser afterwards.

      And actually I'm not, couldn't be more off...

  • I would say waxing is most effective, even if I don't wax or shave, I groom. ^^

    • People who work at a salon are pros, they see junk all days of the week.

What Girls Said 3

  • Depends on where it is that you want to lose hair from.

    For armpits and legs, I do that myself either by shaving or waxing depending on how lazy I am. For the brazilian area, I get that done in a spa since I can't reach it all myself and get it waxed down there.

    I've started getting laser hair removal on my armpits - that might be something you want to consider in terms of avoiding razor bumps. It's not super expensive if you can get one of those groupon deals.

    • I've looked into laser removal,I think it works differently here. I get razor bumps on my armpits and on my brazilian area. My legs seem fine with a good razor.

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    • Ah fair enough. Again it's a personal preference but I get itchy if I'm too long "down there" but when I shave to get rid of it I get razor bumps. Vicious cycle! True.. I can't help but feel embarrassed though I've never been to a salon for it.

    • Like I said, I wax down there and supposedly that makes the hair grow back softer and less hair over time. That might help. Personally I don't get embarassed about going to a salon - I just have to remind myself that those people see and do this every single day so there's pretty much nothing I have that they haven't seen before :) good luck

  • If the nair/veet itches then you're allergic to it. I'm allergic to both so I don't use either. I usually just use a sharp razor with moisturizing soap or conditioner to shave.

    • The veet doesn't work at all on me and it does itch yeah. The Nair I seem to get on with more. I tried it today and I don't seem to have had any side effects.

      That's what I was doing, I was using Cleancut trimmer and shaver with talc powder and moisturiser, but for some reason they both started to die on me...replacement blades don't fit :S

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    • Yea! I'm not sure why it does that but its happened to a lot of other girls I know too. Its weird to just gain an allergic reaction to something randomly after using it for so long. But I like guy's razors the best. The shave is always better. However I do use women's too. I like the Gillete Venus Spa Breeze since it has gel in it and I usually have to take quick showers for work so it cuts down on time. I would recommend anything by Gillete.

    • I currently use the Gilette razors, I get on with them most because they have that gel cushion, and I found the Gilette shaving cream cuts down the razor bumps. Still not perfect under the old arms sadly! Thank you :)

  • I have the same problem as you, I have very sensitive skin and every time I shave is a nightmare since my skin gets irritated, I have tried waxing and it was worse for me than shaving, and now I just use hair removal cream but it doesn't work well for me, one of the last times I shaved with it I burnt myself :(, I have tried everything I could and I don't seem to find the right one :S, so I would like to know too :)

    • It sounds so stupid, but every time I've tried waxing, all the wax sticks to my skin. Doesn't matter hot or not I get it, even my friend has tried on me and there's something about my skin...

      I do not get on with Veet.

      For a while I got on with Cleancut trimmer and shaver, but replacement blades are an ass, hence the experiment into Nair hair removal. I don't seem to have reacted to their "brazilian spa" treatment. Look at the other answers though hun, wish you the best!

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