What kind of bathing suit should I wear!? Hot tub triple date?

so this guy I'm dating invited me over to his place and his friend

and his friends girlfriend is going to be their. one of my friends is tagging

along, which we are setting her up with this one guy. so its like

a triple date lol but what kind of bathing suit should I wear!? I'm skinny, no very tan or well no tan at all! ha ha anyways I don't have big boobs or a big butt. I'm athletic built. I have wide hips. I'm 5'2. I'm 17. but

anyways I really don't know what to do!


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  • Any bathing suit. Only your boyfriend will look at you,

    if you're self conscious, make your hair and make up really nice,

    and bright colored bathing suits look most attractive in my opinion

    or ones with a sweet design,

    just have fun and don't worry about your looks :)

    • ugh ill try not to worry but I'm just so nervous lol thanks for the tips to! :)

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    • okay sweet! message me sometime because I just got 2.. so I don't know what one you are aha:)

    • haha I will! :)

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  • You don't have to look like Kim Kardashian to be sexy. A girl with your body type will look great in a bikini. Wear it proud and just have fun, and everything will be fine.

    • thanks! and ill try to have fun but I'm pretty nervous haha

  • 2 piece! that's the only type of swimming suit most guys like to see a girl in even if she don't have big boobs.

    • good thing I have alot! lol is their a certain color that I should wear? or just whatever looks good?

    • whatever looks good :)

    • alright thanks :)

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  • def a bikini. your guy will love it.


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