First time actually doubting you're an attractive person?

What can I do to re-adjust my mindset?

I feel so, unwanted by the opposite gender lol.

Is there some kind of moral boosting comforting thoughts or something?


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  • look in the mirror every morning and say something good about yourself whether it's a personality trait or physical.. for YEARS I told myself I'm pretty every morning.. telling yourself will super help as well as getting compliments from your friends! if you feel down and just need some encouragement talk to a friend or two.. try to get a confidence boost.. smile a lot.. it helps as well.. get new clothes that make you feel good about yourself.. hope I helped man!


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  • I find you attractive.

    Honestly, I hate my looks,

    but when it comes down to it,

    no one can love you until you love yourself.

    Stand in a mirror, ignore the flaws and find the beautiful.

    eye lashes, eye color, nose, freckles, nails, hair, toes,


    find good things. if you always look for the bad, that's all you'll find.

    confidence is sexy.

    • I understand that :) ...

      I'm very fortunate with many physical traits I have (many being below the neck or lower etc) as well as my physical abilities.

      Looks wise facially I think I may be a tad under average but, no I have a lot going for me really.

      But that's not what I mean : / ... I just mean I just don't seem to stand out to any girl for long enough, I feel I never will : /

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    • Where's my acceptance boss girl?

  • Lol I feel the same way. I guess it's because I've been downed by so many people and my confidence has'nt been boosted in a while haha. But I just tell myself that I'm beautiful and I don't carew aht anyone thinks, I'm still me either way and I won't change myself for anyone :)

  • just be confident. if you dont, no one will find you attractive. find out what you can change, ask friends around you, maybe the way you dress or behave... dunno. they will know better. more, inside will reflect your outside.

  • Don't think you're attractive. Know. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. It helps.

  • it's all about confidence and put a smile on your face. :)


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  • if you don't workout then start. Get a haircut and before you go out with your friends watch some standup comedy you find funny. It will put you in a good mood and you will have your smile to start the night.


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