Are body pics effective? Or do they just scream tool?

Before you answer, I think it's fair I get a chance to explain my defense and rationale before I subject myself to this bashing ^___^

When you take a photo, you want to look the best, right? You want the picture to highlight your best features, whether that's your hair, your eyes or your smile. I'm not playing the blame game here, but girls will take pictures in clothes that highlight their curvy body-- And that's fine, I find it effective as I drool over my keypad. So when I take a picture of my self, I think what is my best quality.. and usually my answer is not my face (I'm not saying I'm ugly or fishing for compliments, just that I find my face average and my body above-average). So with my 5 pictures, I included some body pics to highlight what I think to be my best features. Was I wrong to do that?

So now you have my defense..

Are body pics ineffective? Do they make you think "Oh hey he's got a decent looking body" or do they make you think "Oh hey he's a tool".

What do you think?
  • It makes me think he's a tool.
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  • It makes me think about how sexy his body is (or not).
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  • Both A and B.
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  • Other (please explain).
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i would never think a guy is a tool JUST because he has body pics. I'd just be admiring his body, not getting mad that he looks good and has the nerve to show it off but I would add that he should have a mixture of pics. don't just have all body pics, have some of everything. clothed pics, smiling, you doing something, etc


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What Girls Said 8

  • it makes me think that he has a really nice body... and is fully aware of it. so I end up thinking he's kind of a tool. I understand your argument about highlighting your best feature... but going shirtless is more attention-seeking than wearing a shirt that shows off the muscles or whatever.

  • D other

    Explanation : I really don't think of anything . I mean if you have a good looking body then I would notice it , but I won't think about it further ( like think about how hot or not he is) or think about him being a tool .

    Just indifference I guess

    HAHAHA not the answer you were hoping for .

    What I DO think about is the description on your profile

  • Well since you're the kind of guy that seems like he has a soul, then it doesn't scream tool. I think, oh he's nice AND hot! yay! but if that's your only picture and all you talk about it getting girls and sex, and all you care about is looking good, then it screams tool. but that's just my opinion!

    • You seem like a guy who has a soul.. xD

      So if they're arrogant, a body pic highlights their arrogance. And if they're more modest in personality it's effective in highlighting their body. Am I drawing the right conclusion here?

    • yes you're good!

  • I just prefer face photos...most body pics remind me of sex...and sexting and all that nudity prefer a nice smile from a happy face...

    but nothing wrong with that at all though .

  • I think your confident.

    Confidence is sexy.

    I'm not saying boys that don't post that aren't,

    but honestly if it makes you feel good, do it.

    Because everyone tries to flaunt what they got, it's natural.

    Unless every picture you have is you flexing,

    then that gets annoying.

    aha :)

  • i find self-shots really obnoxious. one of my pictures is though, so I'm a bit of a hypocrite. but I think body shots are great when someone else has taken the shot and you've got clothes on. when the clothes come off it becomes foolish. imo

  • It depends. Like if you're taking a pic of your muscles in the bathroom then that's kind of douche bag status espcially if your trying to flex and show off your abs. I like photos where its just the guy out somewhere with his friends or family doing something like hiking or at a concert and you can see his whole face and body and it kind of gives you an idea of what he looks like from head to toe and what kind of activities he's into. I think you want to show pics where the girl would think to herself that she'd like to be there with you chilling and having a good time. P.S. I've learned from the bathroom pics and it only attracts a certain kind of people. Lesson learned.

    • Going hiking is a lot of effort just to impress people with a picture :/

    • That was just an example. That's if you only like to hike. Basically I like pictures of outgoing, funny, active guys. A great smile also goes a long way.

  • I'm assuming you mean pictures posted on internet profiles? Not pictures that you are putting on Facebook or something that you are showing to friends?

    If it's pictures of someone I don't know then tbh I don't think anything. I have no interest in people I don't know and wil probably never meet so why would I care if your hair is fantastic or your arms are muscular etc.? I won't think you're a tool but I won't think 'wow he's hot' either.

    If it's a d*** picture though, then yes I will think you're a tool.


What Guys Said 1

  • Body pics suggest that you place a great deal of emphasis on appearances and could paint you as a shallow, vain person. A better picture would be one of yourself in an interesting location, or having fun with friends. For example, whenever I see people on Facebook posting pictures of themselves at the Eiffel Tower or something, I think "wow, that's pretty cool!" Conversely, when I see girls posting bikini photos of themselves in the bedroom mirror, that says to me that the only that you might be hot, but there's nothing more interesting in your life than your own image, so you don't deserve me.


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