Fashion style for 5'11 142lb skinny guy?

Hey I could use some help, not sure where to go, although I do want/need to change my style up to something new, the punk look just isn't going to cut it anymore now that I'm out of HS. I need a more relaxed/cool look.

Considering a Hat in the style though such as:


(P.S it is more than just the hat, just the entirety of the style itself.)


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  • If you can find fitted, button-down shirts, I'd say those tend to look good on slim guys. My boyfriend is tall and thin, and that's what looks best on him.

    Depending upon the shirt, you can probably pair it with plenty of the hats in your link, I've seen a lot with similar designs. Pretty simple way to update the punk-ish style, I think, goes well with jeans, can be dressed up with slacks, and put with shoes according to the occasion.

    • Good deal, I'll consider button downs. I wear 501's.

  • If you absolutely need a hat, I love guys who wear Lids. But don't go out of your comfort zone, be you. If the punk thing is you then stick with it. You gave your height and weight, so I'm not really sure what style you want to go for but yes you are skinny and tall. UH ... I suggest looking up celebrites that you like because most likely you will like their wardrobe as well. Go for the Justin Beiber look, it's casual but nice and classy. Ryan Sheckler is more skater .. so I think you would be between those two guys. Sorry I know this doesn't really help but I tried.

    • Before I went into the "punk look" I mostly was a skater/desert racing bmxer.

      Punk is a thing of the past,changed out of all that. Thanks for the advice.

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