Black eyeliner help!

I lost my black eyeliner! </3 so I was just wonder'n what balck eyeliner is the best..brand, cost, kind, how you wear it. Or even what color should I have instead of black (I have dark blueish gray greeny color eyes) thank you so much for your help!
Ugh I hate my computer...details.. OK I was just wondern what eyeliner I should get brand, cost, kind, how do you use it.. I perfer black but I am up for opinions on different colors! (I have dark blueish gray greeny colored eyes) I normaly use it on my waterline part if my eye.. you could post a link that would be great! Thank you so much for the help! =]


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  • I've always been on the look out for my holy grail black eyeliner. So far.. nada. But I will say that the only ones that seem to keep me satisfied are: Urban decay, Makeup Forever, and Stila. They are pricey.. but well worth the money. I've tried many drug store ones as well and I have to say that I will never go back.

    As for you being a red head... look into trying navey blue eye liners to give your eyes a softer look yet brightening the whites in your eyes.

    Yours Truley,

    A Makeup Junkie


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  • MAC has great eyeliner. or lancome waterproof. I just look for a jet black liner, but you might want something softer. maybe a deep brown, or purplishblack

  • Depends on your face and eye shape as well as skin color and hair color. I am a make up artist so make up is definitely my field. Urban Decay makes an amazing liner but it is quite pricey. I suggest the covergirl liquiline blast!

  • Urban Decay


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