Girlfriend is more attractive than me.

Should I be worried? I constantly get compliments about how beautiful my girlfriend is, and how she is the most attractive girl in our university band apparently. It gets to her head sometimes. We've been together for 2 years.

I, personally, don't feel as attractive. Sure, I get a few admirers here and there but that's mainly because of my sense of humor. I'm a funny guy, I'm 6'5" and whatnot. I'm always confident around her, I just can't help but feel a bit worried that she is going to find someone she deems better looking than me.


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  • OMG stop being such a girl!

    Would you rather be with someone that was less attractive? If she's going to "cheat" on you, then there's nothing you can do about that. It's either in the person's nature or it isn't, and it has very little to do with how attractive the person is. Ugly people have sex too you know!

    You're projecting.

    Girls don't think like guys. They're not looking at other guys and thinking, "omg, I want to do him." They already have a source of penis back home, and that penis makes her feel sexy, wanted, loved, and cared for. For as long as she's happy, the RISK that's involved in ENDING a SURE THING she has with YOU, for the CHANCE of STARTING something BETTER with a NEW guy, is not worth it. So, it's irrational for you to think the way you're thinking.

    Further, while feeling physically and sexually attractive may seem important to YOU as a GUY, just imagine that it's maybe 10 times more important to HER as a WOMAN. Society programs YOU (the man) to attach self-worth and build the foundation of your self-esteem based on your social status. You social status as a man depends on how much money and power you have. Are you famous? Are you rich? Are you important? Are you powerful? If you're not, then you feel like sh*t as a man, and that's because you know that you're not the ONLY one who attaches those values to your self-worth as a man (society programs women to attach those same values to the worth of a man).

    For women, however, society programs girls to attach self-worth and build the foundation of their self-esteem based on their social desirability. You are more socially desirable the hotter and more sexually appealing you are. Are you hot? Are you sexy? Are you sexual? Are you wild and uninhibited? If you're not, then you feel like sh*t as a woman, and that's because you know that you're not the ONLY one who attaches those values to your self-worth as a woman (society programs men to attach those same values to the worth of a woman).

    Therefore, don't you think the dynamic of HER being the "more attractive" one in the relationship is a much larger net benefit for HER, rather than how much of a net benefit it would be for you? Didn't you ever think that maybe that's exactly why she chose to be in a relationship with YOU instead of some "better looking" guy? SHE wants to be the "good looking" one in the relationship, and maybe let YOU be the "more powerful" one in the relationship.

    Just a thought.


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  • Even if she does - your a catch so you'll find some other hot chick to strut around with.

    You think your expendable because she's cute - but she's expendable because your attractive too.

    Also - other things like her personality you said she gets full of herself sometimes - which can be a big turn off to a lot of other guys.

    But I mean hey - your both worthwhile people - so you'll both get other partners if stuff doesn't end well :(

    Lets hope it ends well :)

  • I know when I like a guy, I view him through rose colored lenses. Everything that he does and says becomes magical and special and I don't even notice the things that other guys say and do, no matter how wonderful they may be. Hopefully that's how she sees you too.

    • I'm exactly the same!

    • same here :) It doesn't matter if you are surrounded by hot guys because quite frankly, there's always going to be someone who is better looking than you and/or your partner. The point is that if a girl likes you, those other guys don't even really exist or register in her mind.

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  • You're a man, it's not your job to be pretty.

    If you're 6'5", then it doesn't matter how pretty you are, people are just going to perceive you as intimidating. And that's good, because women like to feel safe. Points for you without even having to try.

  • Just make sure you let her know how attractive she is routinely.


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