Is a woman's hair a deal breaker for men?

i heard most men love long lusterous locks, and I used to have that as a kid when I was a little girl, but after puberty I don't know but I got a haircut just below the shoulders, and my hair started thinning out getting weak and fragile, and now its just flat and thin and boring. its brown hair that's naturally straight. I can't style it much because its so thin. only if I curl it sometimes it looks nice. on most days I just tie my hair in a pony tail because I get so fed up with it. so what do guys have to say about this? would you be turned off?


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  • I'm sure guys like girls who take care of themselves. Because... really. If you can't take care of yourself, how can you take care of your man?

    That said, I agree with the advice above. A healthy diet and semi-frequent barber visits are important. If your hair is weak... definitely do NOT straighten or curl it. All you're doing is frying your hair. Some girls get away with it because they have plenty of natural oils that help with the moisture loss when they style it. Also, talk to a hair stylist about different shampoos and conditioners that would be best for your personal hair type. Don't just buy Wal-mart brands that say "For straight hair". If your hair is unhealthy, you need to get something more sophisticated. There are also different formulas that your hair stylist may be able to recommend to repair your hair.

    Also! Ask your hair stylist if your facial bone structure would look good with short hair. I have quite a couple of friends who went super short and now look more mature and sexier than they did before. Both of these girls have thin, brown hair. Their hair is healthy though, because they take care of it. It may be scary at first, but if your stylist thinks it may be a good idea, go for it. :)


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  • Btw, you can make up for it in ways, but it is not a good thing in any case.

    3 important things you could do to make your hair stronger and longer are:

    - Get the ends of your hair cut regularly, no joke, I'm serious, it'll grow faster and be stronger, ask any good barber and he or she will say the same, the points of your hair tend to get damaged through time, note that the outer end is the oldest, so the most damaged point, your body tries to heal that damage at the cost of the growing of your hair.

    - Eat healthy and eat enough! Your hair needs some feeding to grow, it really can't grow that fast and can't repair itself that fast if you don't eat good enough.

    - If your hair is really weak already, why curl it?

    You're only damaging it more that way, if your hair gets damaged, your body tries to repair your hair, that goes at the cost of the growing of your hair.

    If you follow up this advice your hair will grow.

    The first two points are from the barber herself, the third, was just what I thought what would happen, but I'm pretty sure that one's true too.

    • I know it might be hard for you like this, but I'm not gonna lie that it s a bit of a turn off, but what is the condition of your hair right now, does it hurt when you touch it? Do you have split points (probably I guess)? If you got split points Id advize to get those cut short to the point where they don't split anymore, that's usually what barbers do with split points.

      If your hair hurts when you touch it, your hair roots might be damaged, BEWARE, this can heal but don't harm it too much.

  • Did you know that if you do not eat right, your hair will start to break down?

    For example, if you don't eat enough, that's why your hair might have gotten weak, because you don't get all the for example amino acids you need to build up your hair, so start eating well again if you didn't, and your hair will heal.

    Beware of curving your hair too much, that can weaken your hair too.

    If the end points of your hair get damaged, your hair will try to heal those points at the cost of the rest of the hair, so you get think hair that jumps up and is not strong and full straight anymore.

    There must be a reason behind your hair thinning.

    Yes, I think it's a bit of a turn off, but I also think there must be a reason behind your hair thinning, for example the way you eat?


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