Any of you here became uglier (implying you were attractive before)...?

I am only 23 years old and it seems like my looks are quickly fading away somehow...probably due to stress or depression.

I tend to oversleep most days, and I think it may have somehow affected my appearance.

have any of you girls in here (girls in their 20s) lost their looks?

share your experiences! I would like to hear how you cope with it


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  • no I think I'm just getting cuter actually lol I'm 22. my parents look pretty young at 49 though so its probably genetics. a lot of people play the "omg I don't believe that" when they find out I'm my parents kid. or they think they had me when they were 16 or something lol my mom, I don't see any wrinkles and not many fine lines on her face either and she's very cute, she has really soft skin, etc. she's very pretty. she was chubby as a kid and got smaller as she got older. I'm the same way.

    my dad is attractive too but I mean he's a guy so I don't compare myself to him too often lol

    some people tell me its a racial thing, as in I age slower because I'm a person of color...and there may be some truth to that but I've seen things lol. I think its a combination of how well you take care of yourself and genetics. also the standards society imposes upon women. you're probably not ugly, but our society doesn't allow women the freedom to age. men are allowed to look "refined" and older, but women are taught that their beauty lies in their ability to be perpetually young, quite literally "forever 21." its unrealistic but that's the vision of beauty we have.

    • for the record, my mom is one of the most stressed out, unhappy people I know. xD I think aging is mostly genetics because of that. I mean she's always stressed out, even over the little things. she's cray. lol

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  • sleep actually helps me.

    I do do my hair and my make up so it helps me.

  • yes I feel the same! and I'm 23 too! its just after college crisis, no job need to figure out careers grad school I've kinda let myself go and I'm trying to get back in shape. I used to be the hot gal in college I don't know what happened. I just got depressed.

  • Yes, I definitely feel uglier. For some reason, I keep comparing myself now to back when I was 19, and I think "damn, if only I had picked up a guy back then". Seriously though, I think you're just depressed. We all age so we start looking less cute, and it seems as though it takes more work in front of the mirror in the morning to look decent. For example, I always have to make sure my hair is neat and I have foundation on. Otherwise, I look messy, whereas a couple years ago I swear I looked just fine.

    • P.S. You probably also think you're ugly now because before you used to smile at yourself in the mirror, and now that you're unhappy, you don't.

    • exactly! I swear I was 10000000000x better looking when I was 19...sigh...

      now, I feel and look like a completely different person :...(

  • I was the cutest child. I looked like a doll. Then puberty happened. I get progressively uglier each year. I've never even had a guy show any interest in me and I think it's mostly because of my looks.

    I showed my childhood to my "friends" and they were like "what happened?"

    I just accept that I'm ugly now. There's really not anything I can do about it.

    I have tried being more stylish, growing my hair long, wearing makeup. Nothing really seems to work.


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