Guys what makes a girl attractive?

The way she looks or acts tell me ur opinion


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  • I know this probably won't help, but it's a combination of everything...

    At first, I need to be attracted to the girls looks. (Not to sound shallow) She doesn't need to be a 10, but in my own eyes, I need to feel drawn to her. Sexy hair and great eyes always get me!

    Lastly, they should have a good personality. Not 100% like mine, but something that is compatible. I look for someone who can laugh and have a good time in any situation.

  • To me, every girl has their "thing" that makes them attractive. Now every guy has their own "thing that they like" about girls. Consequently, if a guy sees a girl who has that "thing" and he likes that, he will definitely like you.

    to me its brunnette, nice, fun, outgoing personality, sense of adventure, I like the way a girl walks sometimes haha, the shape of her body, her nose, and all the small things...


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