Do you have negative impressions of girls with platinum blond hair?

My hair is naturally dirty blond link link link but I dyed it a dark brown in the fall. I now want to go back to my natural color, and the only way to do it is to bleach it and then use a box color that is the same as my natural color.

Bleaching my hair will turn it platinum blond link link link Due to the amount of damage caused by the bleach, I have to leave my hair platinum blond for a week or two until I can dye it back to my natural color.

I'm really afraid of getting stared at or made fun of for that period of time. Do you think people will get the wrong impression of me or call me names during the time my hair is platinum blonde?


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  • Two weeks seems like a lifetime but it will go fast. I don't think too many people would judge you for having platinum blond hair for 2 weeks.

    For the record, I think some people can pull off platinum blond, but when I see it on some girls, it conjures up negative thoughts like she's easy, slutty, is a want-to-be stripper or Holly Madison, etc...I know it's not fair but that's usually what I think of.

    FYI - I'd also like to go a couple shades lighter, kind of a dirty blond also. What is this process and what do you use to strip the color?


    • I'm using Manic Panic Flash Lightning to bleach it and then will just use L'Oreal or something from the drug store to do the dirty blond color.

      I used a hair color stripper that I got at Sally Beauty, but I forget the name of it. It's not good for going from dark to light but just to go a couple shades lighter it will probably work. If you go on their website check out the hair stripping agents. I bought the one with the best reviews.

    • Thanks for the info.

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  • I rarely vote for cutting but this is really the first step - something very fashionable & easy to manage.

    Then OK on the platinum

    If the mirror advises, you might shop for berets or similar

    Then back to original color should be OK

  • No, I think it's cute the way they giggle when you pinch them, and the way they roll their eyes when you mention any country with more than two syllables.

  • I don't think the hair color matters to me in terms of forming a negative impression of a woman - but if she wears a lot of makeup, and a lot of fake tan etc., I would generally assume she's a superficial, shallow egomaniacal narcissist.

    • I don't fake tan. I'm pretty pale and fake tanning makes me look like Snooki. I wear a very small amount of makeup, but no dark eye makeup or anything like that.

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  • I love platinum blond hair personally. Just try to wear it classy. DON'T wear too much makeup or get a fake tan and you'll be fine.

  • Nope, I think it's gorgeous on certain girls to be honest - it's hard to tell if it'll suit you with out a picture but if it's something you want to do go for it. Just go for a more classy look with it than fake Barbie.

    Love it on her: link