Girls, how do you feel about letting your friends borrow your clothes?

I usually will not let my friend's borrow my clothes. Especially because I've seen them be so quick to borrow something from someone then let another one of their friends borrow it. A girl who may not even be cool with the friend who's clothes are being borrowed! I have a lot of very unique, some expensive clothes and

1.) something annoys me about another girl taking credit for my creativity. I didn't make the clothes, but if my friend wears it the exact way I did, something about that just irritates me.

2.) I don't want my clothes getting messed up. Say she spilt red soda on them or something, I'd be pissed. So I'd rather avoid that by not letting another girl borrow them all together.

Do you think that's selfish? How do you feel about letting your friends borrow your clothes? Any bad 'friends borrowing clothes' experiences?


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  • It isn't selfish, I mean they're your clothes. And I wouldn't let anyone borrow my clothing if I had friends lending other people my clothing fisrt of all I find that nasty and if they didn't ask I'd be highly upset or if I'm not OK with the next person they lent it to well that would be the last time I lent an article of clothing. But since me and my friends do lend clothes or shoes it better not be something you feel is that irreplaceable especially since accidents can happen, or you can just let everyone know that there will be some monetary re-embersment for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Overall me and my friends never had a bad experience with borrowing clothing (We don't always expect to get them back right away) because we try and treat each others things with care and respect, like if something did happen I think we think: it better be an accident that was as unavoidable as possible, and always wash it before you return it lol.


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