Does anyone have distant cousins that they think are attractive?

Hi I have a third cousin female that is related to me because her dad (my second cousin) is the adopted son of aunt (my grandma on my dad's side's sister) (so the cousins being no biological connection at all). Its been roughly five years sense we last saw each other. She's grown up a lot and man does she look pretty! =) *whistle*

So my question is how normal is it for cousins of my situation to have one or both find the other attractive? even if they necessarily do nothing of the romantic sort about it.


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  • I think it's normal to think a cousin is attractive. My friend always talks about how he thinks his cousins are hott but of course he would never do anything with them. Even if she is not blood related to you, she's still considered family and it would be kind of weird. If Brad Pitt or Chad Michael Murray were my distant cousins... I would think they look amazing but I would just show them off. I would just brag about how my cousins look amazing.


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