A better than average face but average body or a average face great body?

I know this type of question have been asked but mine is more specif ok

So lets say would you rather date/ be in a relantionship with

1) A girl that has a really cute face, better than average Like Demi Lovato same body type but smaller boobs and a bit of belly

2) a girl with An average face doesn't stand out but has a perfect body Like Jessica Alba

Girls can answer the poll and choose wich description they think they match...
  • Girl Number one
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  • Girl Number two
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Most Helpful Girl

  • girl #1.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I might judge bodies differently from you, so I'm going to ignore your exact descriptions.

    Girl one : 10/10 face, 8/10 body, girl 2: 8/10 face, 10/10 body

    Probably girl 1.

    Girl 1: 9/10 face, 4/10 body, girl 2: 4/10 face, 9/10 body

    Probably girl 2.

    I think for me, its _more_ important that she have a _reasonably_ desirable body then anything else from a physical standpoint. However once the body reaches the level of 'very hot', then there's probably more marginal payoff to a beautiful face.

    • Interesting But a 4 as a face or body might be pretty bad not what I meant I meant lets say one is a 9 face 6 body and 2 is a 6 face and a 9 body

    • I kind of get what you mean. But the last part of my answer basically sums it up - a reasonably good body matters the most to me, then a nice face, then a great face, then a great body.

    • So to you the body matters the most?

  • I'm not attracted to either of them but I like girl #2

  • i'll go with number 1. I want someone who I can look at and smile instantly not someone that gives me a boner every time I look at her body ONLY.


What Girls Said 1

  • I personally would prefer to be girl number one, since then its less likely I would be used by a guy just for my body :D


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