Is it very unattractive if a girl has broad shoulders?

I'm not fat or anything. Apparently my waist to hip ratio is a perfect 0.7 (we measured in bio class once) and I think my face is OK too. I just have very broad shoulder for a girl and I absolutely hate, because there's nothing I can do bout it. I'd much rather be more petite but just can't change my shoulders (or does anyone know a way I can?)

I look a lot like those body wise link link link I'm younger than all of those, but I couldn't find better examples


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  • I thought we were talking about your wasit to hip ratio, and then you said your face is okay? are you sure about that lol. Then you have very broad shoulders. If I were you I would be proud of your masculine look.

    you can wear fluffy skirts, that will even the legth between your hips and shoulds as or you face make up can fix any flaw. and guys won't notice every miniscule detail you think about all the time.


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  • That's really great for me, I genuinely admire a girl with a good pair of shoulders, man it's so sexy.

    I always like to ask a date on the first date if she is circumcised, any girlfriends I have had tend to stick around a lot longer than the girls who aren't.

    Fetish of mine I guess as I am so into cunnilingus and if it looks good I could be there all night

    • if she is circumcised? girls can't be circumcised and what does that have to do with her shoulders?

    • yes women can be circumsied I'm surpirsed you don't know, you're a woman... right?

    • ya, I know they can, but it's illegal

  • I really don't care to be honest


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