Need help of how I should design my prom dress. =)

my prom is in mayy.& my mom's friend is gunnna make it,im just thought some ideas would be good.


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  • ah yes, the big month of may event, umm, well, my date wore my favorite color, and it was I believe strapless, I can't remember exactly it was a year and a half ago for me, so yeah, umm, id say do the same thing, wear you're dates fav. color and go strapless, as far as other designs that's up to you, as well as shoes/accesories you decide to wear


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  • Well are looking for sleek or puffy princess. Sexy or classy. Colorful or simple?

    • Im tryin to go with a simple look.i wanna go with blackk as the color with silver? I want it 2 be strapless & about as long as my knee's.lOl

      soo idddkkk.?

  • So I'm not the only one getting their prom dress made! XD lol

    I would go look at the sewing patterns for Butterick, McCall, and all the other sewing pattern makers.

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