Men/boys- what do you find attractive in a girl?

hey, so ye I'm wondering what do you guys find attractive in girls, and what you like about them. tah.
and good answers, not stupid ones.


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  • All us guys are different when it comes to what we find attractive in a girl. Some have low standards, some have high standards, like myself.

    Being a good looking girl is usually enough for shallow guys who can't see past a girl's looks. Some good looking girls turn out to be horrible people once you get to know them.

    So not to sound shallow, this is my personal preference but I like girls who appear a bit ditsy or act a bit dumb sometimes lol you know the kind who just give hilarious answers to simple questions. A sense of humor is a must for me. Secondly, a girl who has trust issues is never a girl I would like to get involved with. Almost every girl assumes I'm a player which isn't true and they carry this first impression of me forever and that prevents them wanting to date me.

    You need to be able to trust your guy 100% and I like that when a girl completely trusts me.


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  • Whats not to like about them? all are different and unique, there's not really a specific answer/style/type

  • Boobs, butt, face, heart, brain, in that order.

    • thats a bit stupid:L.

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    • because girls expect more than that

    • Is stupidity determined by other people's expectations or is it determined by logic and reason. Use your god damn brain. There are very good reasons why I gave this answer and I've thought about it a hell of a lot longer than you ever will. Pull your stupid bullsh*t on someone else.

  • Sexy Jiggly Boobs!

    • is that it:L gotta be other things..

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