How to make a dark eyeshadow less dark?

I went to MAC and there the saleswoman was wearing a very pretty violent eyeshadow. I asked her what color it was and she gave me MAC ash violet eyeshadow. she said that she had just used a powder primer and this eyeshadow. so yesterday I applied that eyeshadow and it looks all dark purple while what she had was a beautiful lighter purple shade. how in the hell did she manage that. can anyone guess
i think she gave me the wrong color. there is a mac macroviolet..that looks more like the color she wore. my fault!


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  • You might of put too much on some times with my eyeshadow if its a little dark for my skin tone even if I didn't put on too heavy I will take my blush brush and lightly brush over my eyeshadow to lighten it up a bit. Sometimes I will also use a shade or two lighter on the inside and blend then together with the blush brush and you can hardly tell I have two different shades on. I do this because a lot of light eyeshadow colors hardly show up on me and the darker colors make my dark circles look even darker. (I'm a insomniac ) hope this was helpful


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  • If she said she only used those two products, I would assume it's because she used MAC 217 (blending brush) to really blend out the hard edges. And I just looked up ash violet, it looks like it's suppose to be used as a eye liner? Maybe that's the problem?

  • Chances are she only used a little bit of it and smeared it. That is if she actually gave you the right color. She may have gotten it mixed up. MAC has so many different shades, especially purple. Try pairing it with a lighter purple. If its really dark then only put it on the outer areas of your eyelid. Put the lighter shade along your eyelid. Then blend where they meet in with your finger.

    • Also, the primer can change how it looks depending on the type of primer used. My primer makes my eyeshadow more "glowy" and bright.

  • 1. she could have used a lighter hand when applying than you did.

    2. the primer she used made the color come out the way it was intended to, but without the primer it looked duller.

    it was most likely the primer


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