Do you find girls who are little unattractive?

I am about 5 ft one and weigh about 110 does this make me too small to be considered attractive? I'm just curious because I get called out on it all the time.


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  • Little girls are great. That's not to say tall girls aren't great either, they are just a different flavor if you will.

    Here's some fun things you can do with little girls:

    - Pick them up under one arm and carry them

    - Give them piggy back rides

    - Grab them by the hips and raise them up to kiss you

    - Pin them down as they fight rather hilariously against your superior strength

    - Give them hugs where they barely come up to your chest (makes a man feel really manly to protect something that small)

    - Wrestle! :)

    Pocket sized girls are like the mini candy bars, we just call them fun-sized. :)


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  • It's cute! But I like taller girls more

  • No, I much prefer shorter and skinny(er) than me!


What Girls Said 3

  • It's not unattractive, that's for sure. I have a friend that has an extremely beauitful face, but she's like 4'10, and honestly body is just as important as the face. I feel like smaller girls just lack body, and don't really stand out. I'm 5'8 and really love it. But don't fret about your height, seriously. There's lots of girls like you. And I'm sorry if I came across as mean.

  • from My experience that's not a reason for guys to find unattractive actually there are more guys interested in a short girl from short guys to really tall...

    I am 5 feet and weights 116lb...

  • there is this saying that goes like this: better things come in small packages! don't sweat over this there's is a lot of guys that prefer their girl to be petite, it sort of gives them the need to protect them..


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