Should I continue to wear make-up to make up for my childish face?

I really hate to wear make-up because it it so troublesome to put on and remove,is a waste of time and is also bad for the skin.

However,many people say that I have a childish face that makes me look like a school kid and employers won't trust my capabilities because of such a face and even if they hire me,they would probably give me a lower pay because of that. :(

Hence,I wear a little make-up to look more like my age and it really gives me so much more confidence at work but I just don't like it because I prefer to go natural. Help! What should I do?
And I find that I really earn more when I wear make-up. :(


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  • idk...if you think you make more money wearing makeup, who am I to advise you to quit? I mean look at clowns... As long as you took it all off when you came home...(:

    • Damn how did I know that Taster is gonna be on this question without checking his activity?!

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    • I see.Haha.She seems to know you so well.Thanks for clarifying.I thought I have said something offensive.

    • HAHAHA..well she SHOULD know me..she talks to me every day!...(:

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