How should I do my makeup? URGENT!!

Winter formal is tonight. The theme is black and white and I need makeup ideas. My dress is also black and white (if you're wondering my shoes are black). I'd like to stay away from the whole red lip movement. I am a caramel-ish color now because of my tan.


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  • eyeliner black

    mascara black

    eyeshadow little black on the sides and dark grey to light grey in the middle and put some golden flackes in the end so it look SMOKEY

    lip liner dark"apple" and put a light gloss and darker "same color"gloss on the edges


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  • maybe the smokey eye look?

  • do a black and white smokey eye maybe. shades of black and gray and then white to highlight.

    or if you want something more distinctly black and white, put white shadow on your lids and black liner all around.

    OR white liner in your inner rims and black liner in your lashlines

    OR black liner on top and white on the bottom

    OR white liner smudged on your top lid with lots of mascara and maybe black liner on the outer edges.


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