What is your dream body and what are you doing to achieve it?

For those who are working on their dream bodies, what does it look like and what are you doing (diet, exercise...) to achieve it. Post a link of your goal and if you want to a picture of yourself right now.


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  • I love the way I look right now. My body structure isn't very big, but I am very toned. I am awfully strong for how small I look. But I have great arm muscles and I always rock a 6-pack, especially in the summer. Other than what I have right now, I wish I could have a slightly bigger chest, the type that makes it tight when wearing a shirt.

    Otherwise I feel like the body I have is my "dream body".

    What I do?:

    I run everyday, works well for leg and abdomen muscles. I'll workout at the gym maybe a couple times a week. Usually focus on upper body there because I play soccer A LOT and that builds nice leg muscle. Other than that I don't do a whole lot. I eat whatever I want because my metabolism is off the scales. No matter what I do I almost always weigh 165 lbs. I don't drink or do drugs. Uhh, I drink a thing of muscle milk every day because it has some nice nutrients in it for building muscle.


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  • link

    I tend to lift 5-6 times a week.

    Cardio for 15min before & after my lifting

    Crunches on my abs with some weights.

    • looks good :) a bit too much muscle definition but definitely not bad ;)

    • My dieting needs a little more work I think.

    • hahaa a mix of your body and the link you posted would be pretty much perfect :)

  • We'll I got in pretty good shape during senior year of high school. I was pretty ripped but I kinda lost a little bit of it once college started up. I've just been busy and tired.

    I really wanted to get back in shape but didn't have any motivation... Until (this is gonna sound gay) I saw Fight Club for the first time.. Have you seen Brad Pitt in that? Holy Shit...

    Anyway, I'm already in good shape, so now I'm planning on just getting ripped..

    I just started this 12 week work out today and I know I'm gonna stick with it. I found it on bodybuilding.com link

    If people are serious about getting in shape, I really suggest you check out this site. Its incredible. You select your age, gender, and goal and it'll give you a list of workout plans that are amazing. Perfect for ANYONE.

    Just did legs today. Never been so exhausted and sweaty in my life. I feel great! Give it a shot!

  • link I want to look like this! I know it won't happen but its good motivation.

  • Dream body:

    -8 pack washboard abs (strict diet and lots of cardio, need to decrease body fat % by about 2- 2.5% more)

    - Capable of doing planche, front lever, L sit, L sit to hand stand broomstick press, and being flexible like an olympic gymnast. (Body weighted gymnastic exercises)


    Of course, I'd forgo all of that if I could instead have the MOST ABSOLUTE HEALTHY KNEES ever. If I could have knees as strong as Damien Walters's for the rest of my life, I'd be satisfied.


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  • link this wouldn't be my ideal body because I would prefer a body with a really tiny waist/big boobs and hips so its a very defined curvy body but I have to go by my body type so this is a realistic goal for me. I'm pretty close now, just need a bit more work on the stomach. I workout about 6 days a week for 25 minutes-hour each day. sorry I don't have a picture of what I look like now though

  • we are all built with a certain frame and we can't totally change our bodies, just work with what we have.

    i would say I like my body a lot. I just wish my middle was firmer, my thighs a little smaller/longer, my hips a little smaller, and my boobs a little smaller.

    overall I like my body a lot and get a lot of compliments if you like the curvy (but not overweight) type


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