Getting fat and family noticed?

I didn't notice. But they did. My mom said honey are your clothes getting to small for u? And then said later your daddy says your belly is getting bigger and your getting back fat. I was humiliated. Then my bro said, tay, your getting chunky. you shood figure that out.

Ive never been concerned with weigjt before. I wasn't taught to watch what I eat, or how much to work out. I didn't even know my weight until today- I'm 150. Is that bad? I'm 16 and 5'6. And what should I change in my diet and excersise? Obviouslly I'm mortified. I hope people at school Haven't noticed.

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  • Be glad they said something instead of pretending nothing was happening. Your family will always love you, other people don't have too.

    If you want to lose weight I wrote this little formula that pretty much details exactly what you have to do to lose weight in however many days you want. Of course, the longer you give yourself (in days), the easier it gets. The shorter, the harder.

    Losing Weight Formula

    A = How many calories you consume daily.


    B = How many calories you burn simply by existing (basic metabolic rate; BMR) Generic is 2000


    C = How many pounds you want to drop.

    D = Calories you need to lose (includes ALL exercise you do, like walking)


    E = Span of time you want to lose the weight by. In days.


    (A*E - B*E + C*2000) / E = D


    For example:

    (2500*30 - 2000*30 + 10*2000) / 30 = 1166.66

    If you consume 2500 calories daily, and you burn 2000 calories daily via BMR,

    you will need to burn 1166 calories daily for 30 days & you will lose 10 pounds.

    Also - you can attack this from two angles. By reducing how many calories you consume daily (A) and by exercising, you can make your daily calorie goal that much more easier.

    • thats genious. Thank you! Ill use this!

    • Best Answer. Even if you're not an engineer or a stats-person, calculating your TDEE and maintaining records of your body project are a great way to track change.

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  • 5'6 150 pounds, dear god no offense to you but I don't know you so I'm kick some knowledge your way. your over weight for your height, do what you need to do your still young and can slim up rather fast but chips with stomachs are no bueno especially in high school where everyone is looking at you

    • :( well thanks for being honest! Anything specifically to slim fast?

  • Sure they will notice! First of all, at your age you'll shed weight quickly if you

    1. Start a workout program, even just walking every day

    2. Stay away from the sweets and pizza and hamburgers, and other fatty foods.

    Start now, before the problem gets worse, which it will if you don't DO something!

  • You might not be terribly fat, but at this rate it won't take long before you reach the obese range.

    Don't look at your current weight as some huge concern, rather look at the trend and see that it could get much worse if you don't stop and doing something about it. Don't be offended, sometimes it's good to have family who can point this out before it's too late.

    This is coming from a guy who weighed 168lbs (5'11'') at 16, 198lbs by graduation, and 262lbs by age 20. The weight gain can come hard and fast, you don't want that.

    • Thank you! That makes me look at it differently

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  • You're maybe a little over. But not huge by any means. At 5'6" you should be about 120-140 ish.

    Drink lots of water! Cut out sodas, and excess sugar in general. Eat good fats.. lots of fruits, veggies, etc.. you get the idea haha.

    And for exercise? anything to get your heart rate up. You can dance or jog/run, even walking for a while is good. Weights, sit ups, etc.

  • Technically according to BMI you are not overweight. BUT you are at the very top of the normal weight range. A couple of years ago I was 155lbs and 5'7 so I know how you feel. I didn't think that I was really that heavy until my parents started commenting.

    I went on Nutrisystem...expensive? Yes. But I lost 35lbs in 3months without exercising. And I've kept it all off.

    If you just can't afford it then I would say that you need to watch your portions (5 small meals a day), only eat lean protein, eat lots of fruits and veggies, if you drink soda then stop I stopped drinking it and lost two pounds just from that, and add 30mins of cardio 5 times a week.

    All of that will definitely help. A goal would be 135-140lbs


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