Tattoo placement ideas?

So, I have one tattoo that reaches across the top of my shoulders. As soon as I get the money to I'm getting another which I've already had drawn up, its about the size of a coffee can (like the opening of one). I was thinking about my back like a back piece, but it doesn't seem like it would fit right, and I don't want to risk it looking like a tramp stamp. I have to be able to hide a tattoo easily (because of work) but want to be able to show it off in public if I want to. I was thinking rib-piece, but I'm self conscious about my stomach so I'm looking into different spots. Anybody have any ideas for where I could put it?


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  • Like Mike Tyson, right on your face.


What Girls Said 1

  • u could put it on the side of your thigh...(if you wear shorts or whatever it would be seen) ...

    if it was a little smaller on your foot would be neat.


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