Cool tattoos that the ladies will like?

So I've got a friend who is an apprentice tattoo artist and I've seen some of his work and he's pretty good, so I was thinking id get a few done, I want to get into management so I can't have them be too obvious but my guess is when I get higher up ill have to wear long sleeve shirts anyway so it probably won't be too bad. I was thinking id get stuff on my shoulders, chest, and/or mid bicep, I have no idea what to get, despite the fact that many think its toolish I like the tribal look, but I like it better when its got a design with it, my nickname is the Italian stallion, and it has personal meaning to me, also I am pretty religious so I was thinking a cross might be cool too, these too are my favorite




but I'm not sure wehre they would look good I was thinking each one could go on my upper arm possibly with a tribal design going up each shoulder but I'm not sure if it would look good on my body,

if you think it would or if you have some sort of suggestion it would be nice, thanks
Maybe even a design like this, but I don't know if it would work because I'm alittle ocd and would feel weird only having one side done...



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  • Personally I'm not a big fan of tattoos on either gender, one or two I can deal with but I don't like over the top stuff, ones that go around the whole arm/leg. The tribal ones can be quite intimidating.

    I've seen chest ones, I don't think they look good. My friend has swallows on his chest and it looks weird to me.

    For a man I think on the shoulder blade or the top of the arm is the best place.

    As for the type of tattoos, I design tattoos for my friends and I always say to them, yes find the stuff you like but make it have meaning. My friend has one on her side that is flowers on ivy but at the end of each ivy thread is a hidden letter and each letter is the start of the name of a person that is important to her. Another has a tiger wiggling down her back because her name is Cat. My point is don't go for something that looks nice now because one day you might not like it anymore. If it has meaning to you then you will never regret it.


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  • i don't like the cross tbh, it reminds me of spiders for some reason...and I hate spiders D:

    i love the third one though! and the stallion one too. the ocd thing is tricky but I think you'd get used to it pretty quickly. it definitly wouldn't look as good if you had the third one on both sides though.

    you could try getting the cross incorporated into the stallion one aswell. sort of have it behind or in front of him maybe. just an idea :)

    • Yea that's not a bad idea, however people may question how a stallion relates to god, and then ill have to make up some story lol, I was actually contemplating just getting the sleeve thing on one side and the stallion on the other

    • better yet, I bet I could have the artist take out the circular part on the shoulder and replace it with a cross hmmmmmmmm

    • oh I like that idea! as in replacing the circle part with a cross. I think that and the stallion on the other side would look really awesome :D and gets rid of the need for a religious horse story too xD

  • I'd say the stallion one. The last one wouldn't be that fitting. He has cultural stuff behind his. Italians aren't exactly tribal. :p The cross is irritating on the eyes. The center part is fine, but all the pointy sh*t makes it look like some creepy bug.

    • What do you think of having that on my left bicep area with a tribal design above it going up my shoulder, maybe even fused with it someone how like at the tail or something?

    • Maybe. As long as it's balanced out and not overkill.

  • Tattoos are hot regardless. Especially on guys that have a little muscle.


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