Men would you date somebody uglier than you?

it seems like men are more shallow to me when it comes to look.s so I want to know Men if you would date a girl who is uglier than you? if you are a 5 on a scale would you date a 4 or even 3. or if you are a 4 would you date a 3 or even 2?
have you ever notice that guys who have money but considered unattractive don't date girls who they actually can get without the money..why is that?

wouldn't you want to date a girl that likes you for you instead of the model type who is obviously with the guy for money?


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  • Well to be in a relationship, you need a combo of attraction and chemistry in order for a relationship to develop, on both sides, male and female.

    I don't like using scale on people, just if I find them attractive I go after them, if I don't, then I don't go after them , that simple.

    I have dated someone who I was on the fence about being attracted to in the past, I did it quite often, if their personality wasn't too bad I would of made the relationship work out between us.

    OH well, you live and you learn, I kinda wish I can take it back, but not because of their physical appearance, mostly because the time with them was a dead on, but I learned a valuable lesson, so it wasn't completely pointless.


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  • I mean I have little idea of what women think of me when I consider dating them. Considering you usually date pretty similar to your own attractiveness I could easily see myself dating a girl who is less attractive than I am. What number I am and therefore what number I'd date I have no idea, but I'm not opposed to the idea.

  • I tried to bang a girl that was like a 2. I really tried to look past it but I couldn't ._.

    • lol what is a 2 to u? did she look like precious

    • Well she was quite a bit overweight & she wasn't the cutest in the face but not precious lol.

    • @Update Well of course I'm sure everyone wants to be loved for who they are. Guys with money can pretty much buy any woman they want with it so, they don't really seem care.

  • people generally date and are attracted to people who are at or near their same level of "attractiveness". fact.

    not true when it comes to hooking up. standards go down. for both sexes

    • so people who you would sleep with you wouldn't necessarily date?

    • well I don't go around sleeping with girls. I only like to date. But if I did, than yeah probably.

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