Is being a good looking guy generally overkill or over-doing it attractive women?

It seems most attractive (this is even true of very attractive women) women you see around are either single or with decent, average looking guys. Maybe the guys have solid jobs or have a solid social network or whatever it is that makes them a good catch for a relationship. -But if you take a guy with all those solid traits, and also make him very good looking as well.. is that over-doing it?

Are very attractive women even comfortable with very good looking guys?


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  • Being attractive is a turn-on, not a turn-off. I don't know of any girl who would reject somebody for being attractive; but if it gives you a sense of arrogance and entitlement, that may be the problem. Most women are with average looking guys because most guys are average, and women aren't going to wait around for some movie star to walk in. They'd rather be realistic about their expectations.

    Another reason you may think that beautiful women are with average guys is because you're straight and are more likely to find a woman beautiful than a guy good-looking. As a girl, I feel like I see a lot of average girls dating really hot guys-- it's the same problem, flipped around.

    I think very attractive women are certainly comfortable with good-looking guys.


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  • Most really attractive girls, just like any girl want a sweet and nice guy.. The guy who are gorgeous are usually very cocky and put women down.. which we don't like. In the end good looking people just stick to what makes them happy

    • 'Really attractive girls are just like any girl and want a sweet guy' - but good looking men are usually cocky? How is that assessment fair?

    • Most guys in my area, that I have met that are gorgeous are complete d***s because they think they are above everyone.. but again. I don't know how every good looking guy acts or thinks do i..

  • well having a perfect or near perfect partner can be extremely intimidating and the other may feel pressure to be perfect as well. Which is a horrible situation. Perfection is not something that should be present in relationships - even if a guy is really attractive, sweet, sensitive, smart, yadda, yadda, he needs to let his flaws show through and his guard down around his girl. It makes him seem more human and puts less pressure on the girl to be perfect and "compete" with him or "keep up" with him in a sense. Although really good looking guys can be intimidating at first, getting to know his personality is what will matter in the end. He could be a total douchebag (making him UNattractive), he could be quirky and have flaws that a girl could fall in love with, etc. Make sense?


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