Do you wear patent leather shoes?

Are they cute for work shoes or are they too shiny for you? also, do guys notice or not care at all?


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  • they can be cute. depending on where you work I would be cautious though patent draws more attention to the eye so make sure the heel isn't inappropriately high.

    • I work in a casino, I'm not much of a shoes person so I don't know if they are something not to be worn

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  • Sure, they're absolutely fine for work.I work in a financial office and have to wear skirts and dresses every day, which is no problem for me, as I like wearing them.I also have several pairs of patent leather heels, in several different colors.They really help dress up an outfit.Stay within the limits or respectability, if it's for the workplace,though.No skyscraper or hooker heels.I'd enforce a limit of 4" to be safe.


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