Ear piercing question?

So, a while ago (in the fall) my aunt said she would take me to get my ears double pierced as a gift. Since then, she was going to take me one day (several months ago) but I got sick so she couldn't Since then, I am afraid she may have forgotten... Meanwhile, we are very religious people with certain views about tattoos and piercings, but my Aunt is sort of having a crisis now, and she wants to get a tattoo and get her nose pierced.

For now, she's forgotten about both, and my mom is afraid that if I bring up my ears, she'll remember. My mom said that I could still go and get them pierced without her, but I'm afraid that would make her feel bad, since she wanted to do that for me. How do I go about solving this? (remembering that we DON'T want my aunt to pierce her nose.)


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  • Just bring it up to her casually. Mention that your ready to pierce your ears and see if she still wanted to be a part of that or if you should just go with your mom or friends. I'm sure she's thought about her own crisis more since then and she's probably calmed down about the situation and has thought things through. She may not even want a tattoo or her nose pierced anymore.


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