Getting a tattoo in dedication to my mom; ideas?

So I definitely want to get a tattoo. And I definitely want it to be in dedication to my mom. She's not dead or anything, but she's an amazing and inspirational woman, and she means the world to me. I'm having a hard time thinking of ideas on what to do. I definitely don't want to do something "mommys boy" ish. Like that cliche heart with "mom" in the middle lol, but rather something cool, and meaningful. Any ideas?


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  • first off I would like to say good job, many people get a tattoo because they think it looks cool when they should get something that means something to themselves.

    My grandfather is one of the best people I have ever known in my life he always went out of his way to help anyone. He was a car fanatic so I am thinking about getting an el camino tattoo on my calf since it was the car he drove when ever him and I went some where. Get something that your mom likes that you think isn't too friuity.


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  • Perhaps a poem? Idk. In order for it to be meaningful to you, you're pretty much the one who needs to come up with it imo.

  • Depends on how much you wanna spend on it. Portrait perhaps? Those are certainly cool and meaningful,


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