Guys: Which body type do you think is the ideal body type for a girl?

I'm wondering what guys tend to like the most. These are pretty generalized so maybe pick one and elaborate if need be? :)
  • Skinny (very low body fat, not much breast/hips)
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  • Petite (very short
    Vote B
  • Average (few curves, normal body fat)
    Vote C
  • Curvy (little more body fat, defined breast/hips)
    Vote D
  • Chubby/Heavyset (higher body fat, extra padding in varying areas)
    Vote E
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This is pretty much confirming what I thought. Lol, it's funny how most girls go with average but more than half of the guys chose curvy.


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  • I think C and D but it isn't that strict


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  • A, B,C, and D sorry I picked 4 of 5. That is what guys do. I could elaborate but not enough room here.

  • I tend to be most attracted to D and E types, but not exclusively. I'm just a sucker for big hips.

  • average/short.. I like short girls.. but I prefer them to be proportional (no midgets, sorry) lol

  • B, C, D.

  • C & D

    • @Update because were not complainers and have high standards.

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    • If were desperate enough.

    • Well this confirms my thoughts and what I read in research that the average guy likes a girl who is a little thicker (but HEALTHY) like around 20% body fat and hips and breast. It also confirms that most girls are wrong about what they think guys want, or the girls are just posting what they are because they want to be ideal lol!

      I know guys would get what they can but that's why I asked the question of what's the best. The curvy girl wins. :)

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