If you have Sketchers Shapeups or Toneups, have you noticed a difference in your butt and thighs?

My butt and thighs are so sore tonight! And I believe it's from wearing my Sketchers Toneups to work the last few days.

What kind of results have you noticed with long-term wear of these sneakers/shoes/boots?


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  • Therere multiple lawsuits against the makers of these shoes for false advertising and promosing results not backed by any evidence. They don't work. Save your money.


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  • Nope, but you can't wear other shoes after a while.

    Your body gets adjusted to these shoes, flat soled shoes feel like wearing tissue boxes on your feet.

    As for sketchers shapeups/toneups, they are knockoffs that are missing major components of the original that make it work, like the springbar.

    Also, shapeups/toneup wear out very fast. About 6 months of regular use. I'm not even talking about the sole being rubbed out, but the fabric coming apart and hole starting to form. Nikes at least last ~2 years.

    If you want real results try Masai Barefoot Technology, they are the original company in Switzerland making the shoes. They cost almost 3 times as much as the cheapo sketchers. $200-300 range. Those work.

    I know, I've owned 2 sketchers pair in the last year or so and just bought the MBT ones.


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  • I have one and I haven't noticed a thing lol

    • Did you wear them for hours a day? I do. And. I'm on my feet the whole time

    • I'm not that long perhaps that explains it. What changes have notices? How hours a day?

    • 4 to 8 hours a day @ work. I just have been wearing them for a Few days now. But it makes me feel like I've been working out.

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