I want to get a septum so bad. Piercings? Opinions?

I want to get a septum so bad. I love piercings. So for those of you who have one, how painful was it, and how difficult is it to upkeep?


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  • Piercings are a turn off to me the same with tatoos its unatractive the same with druggies smokers and drinkers and girls who sex/sleep around

    but that's my opinion

    • To each their own. But this didn't really answer it. I kind of had my hopes up, as this is currently the only answer. =/

What Girls Said 1

  • My friend pierced hers with one of those at home ear gun things? And she said it was so quick it felt like an ear piercing on the cartilage. We pierced my lip with one of those guns. It didn't hurt until morning when my lip swelled up and I had to pull the ear ring out of my lip. But since it's the septum, I doubt it would swell up over the ear ring lol. But yeah, get ti done professionally, watch some videos of people getting them, and go off their expressions.

    Example of good:


    Example of bad:


    Just don't do this!



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