Do less attractive girls make up for it by wearing more attention grabbing clothes?

Let me make this clear: I have absolutely nothing against attractive or relatively less attractive women wearing flattering clothes and make up. I am all for them looking good if it makes them feel good.

I am just asking something I recently noticed. I have seen that relatively less attractive women wear more revealing clothes, are more comfortable putting their bodies out there and using a tad bit too much make up. Women who are attractive on the other hand are wear more covered clothes and use less make up. It could be because they know they don't need it.

I am asking if women are compensating for their natural appearance by being more revealing?


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  • Well you have to play to your strengths but I haven't noticed that. Rather the other way around.


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  • I am not sure if that is true or not...but...if it were...would not work with me...(:

  • Umm, do poor guys overcompensate by driving around in extremely expensive cars and buying million dollar houses? o.O

    No, they may TRY, but they look ridiculous.

    Same thing for girls. Girls that don't have the looks have no place in sexy clothing or trying to look hot. It's going to fail.

    Instead, they usually go to professional schools, like medical or law school, in search of a husband. I know, it's quite a bit of money to spend just to find a husband. But hey, if it doesn't work out, then at least you won't NEED to find a guy. Yet, assuming they do find one, then the plan is simple. Tell him that they genuinely want to practice X field of medicine/law, then pop out kids like crazy, and that way they'll "have to stay home . . . you know . . . to take care of the kids."

    • uh your dumb dude. your analogy doesn't even make sense either.

    • well, if you say so

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  • No, I think most unattractive girls don't dress too well. I'm unattractive but I never wear any attention grabbing clothes. The more attractive girls are the ones who I see wearing the revealing clothes and makeup. I think both unattractive girls and attractive girls probably do that because all girls love attention. It's probably only the shy or modest girls who wouldn't do that.


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