Would "dressing up" more make up for lack of a "hot" body?

I don't have a "hot" body like most women want. I'm short and thin with very little muscle. I'm working on it though, I just have never really wanted it before. I feel like it would help my confidence and all that if I got more muscle etc..especially because I can't even run 100 yards without being in pain.

However, this brings up the question of clothes. You often hear that dressing "up" seems to only make an already "hot" body even better looking but what I want to know is can "dressing up" more, make up for the lack of a "hot" body?

Please no insults, I'm already pretty down about my body
In my opinion, it doesn't work the same for women. I saw a woman the other day who was probably 40 years old or so and FAT. She was wearing a dress with no leggings. I about threw up at the sight of it. Please, ladies, if you don't have the body, at least cover it up with leggings if you're going to wear a dress


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  • I'm honestly not picky about my bodies as long at they don't weigh 200 or at least look it. But dressing up does help tons, not only does it tell the girl you care about your appearance but that you actually will give a crap. in my opinion a guy with the right style is almost alll the time cute. my boyfriend has a pretty solid style which is black pants and black band shirts, I like that stuff though. it all really depends on the girls general style as well.

    • I weigh almost 200 :( I'm 6'4 look at my oick before say numbers :p

    • i said if they look it your talllll so 200 is just fine. now if you were 5'8 and 200 pounds then you have a problem.

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